Supporting the very highest quality standards is the only way to maintain a flawless reputation.  This is why IQF is absolutely committed to quality in all its forms.  Our prices are always competitive, but IQF never permits pricing to threaten product quality.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is IQF’s fundamental commitment.  IQF listens very attentively when anyone offers a compliment, a suggestion, or a concern.  All feedback is evaluated and acted upon.  A superior record of customer retention and growth is a testament to an absolute determination to keep customers satisfied.

Highest Standards of Quality
All of IQF’s processing facilities are HACCP, GFSI, and Kosher certified.  In addition, all processing plants are registered with the FDA in accordance with the Bioterrorism Act of 2002.  Many of the leading food manufacturers in the United States—IQF customers—send their own auditors to inspect and assess plants.  These inspectors determine the plants’ suitability to produce for the companies they represent. 

ResearchContinual Improvement
IQF strives for continual improvement, a commitment that is shared by the quality packers they use.  In addition to annual 3rd-party audits performed at each plant, IQF management visits each packer on a regular basis to monitor improvement and to present training seminars.



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