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Food Safety & Quality

IQF is absolutely committed to quality in all its forms.

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Since 1985, IQF has cultivated a reputation as a reliable source of high quality, safe frozen fruits and vegetables. A core part of our success has been developing close relationships with processors across the globe who take food safety as seriously as we do.

Each year, nearly one in seven Americans gets sick from foodborne illness. To combat this, every one of the frozen fruit and vegetable processors we work with has personnel that has undergone training on hazard analysis and risk-based preventive controls (HARPC). Based on this training, each facility has identified potential food safety hazards unique to the frozen fruit and vegetables they process and has developed and implemented processes and procedures to control them.

All processing facilities that supply IQF undergo regular GFSI audits to verify that the food safety protocols in place are rigorously followed. Additionally, IQF personnel regularly accompany food safety auditors from many of North America’s leading food manufacturers on facility visits where they are free to observe first-hand the commitment to safety and quality at every level of production.

In compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), IQF maintains Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVPs) for all products we import. Each facility maintains registration with the FDA in accordance with the Bioterrorism Act. IQF management also visits each facility on a regular basis to ensure the frozen fruits and vegetables we source are produced in a manner that meets our high quality standards.

IQF’s bilingual team is able to communicate freely with all personnel and read all relevant food safety-related documents in the language of our Spanish-speaking processing facilities without the use of third-party translators and interpreters. The lack of a language barrier also allows IQF to easily communicate unique customer needs and requirements to ensure products are produced in a way that meets all expectations.


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